Troubled With Work-Life Balance? - 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life!


More mothers than ever are a part of the workforce these days which means they have more to deal with and practically have their hands full. Although this may be true for some fathers as well who contribute equally at home.

But do you find it tough to perform at work and give your best at home as well without burning out?

We have news for you- You can Do This!

You just need to change the way you approach things in order to handle the situations in a better and calmer way and you can totally avoid those rushy turbulent mornings running from pillar to post to get everything done before you step out of the house.

Here are 10 tips that you can imply in your life and change your ways to handle things more efficiently.

1. Be Guilt-Free

Working parents especially mothers often tend to get into guilt that they are unable to dispense quality time with their little ones.

The key is not to get absorbed into the guilt factor but to focus on the fact that how your job role in your organization is benefitting your family.

You perhaps can afford an additional hobby class for your child which will really benefit him or are drawing decent enough for savings which will contribute to your child’s college fee in future.

You need to come to terms with this fact and not feel alone.

It’s important to share such thoughts with your partner and other family members or friends for emotional support.

2. Invest Time To Find Quality Childcare

It’s very important that your child is in good hands when not in yours.

You may have to search relentlessly in the beginning, rather hunt rigorously for a reliable and trustworthy nanny or a day care facility for your child.

Many preschools also have daycare facility these days and you must personally visit and pick the right one for your child as per your needs.

3. Make The Mornings Easier

One way to make the mornings easier is by organizing and planning everything the night before.

Regular everyday tasks like arranging clothes for the next morning for kids & yourself or bags or packing lunches can be done in the night to avoid that stressful morning rush.

You can divide other morning activities between you and your partner so that everyone can have a satisfying morning breakfast together.

You can also place all small yet important things together like wallets, keys, phones etc. in a basket so that you don’t go mad finding them in the morning.

4. A Family Calendar

You can schedule all important activities on a family calendar like school events and days, bill payment dates, birthdays, hobby class days with your partner.

This way you won’t miss out on such important events and activities.

In case the nanny is the one who takes your kids for hobby classes etc, then you may share the calendar with her so that everyone is on the same page and well-informed.

5. Plan With Your Employer

Before you head to discuss your plans with your employer, do your bit of research to explore the flexibility options and policies, if available.

You can use this information to your advantage.

Construct a plan of what you require and the work-around options along with that. 

If you are heading for a maternity leave, you should figure out for how much time you can take off and how much of that will be paid.

You can adjust your other casual or sick leaves into that period as well if required.

6. Stay Connected With Children

Even if your children have a full-time nanny to take care of during the day, they still will miss you at times and look for you.

Don’t forget to talk with your children during your break-time and ask of their well-being if they are old enough to be able to talk to you.

For younger kids, you can send a recorded message maybe in your voice so that the nanny can make the child hear your voice.

But be connected with the nanny nevertheless so that you are well-informed of the child’s whereabouts.

You can also use several parenting Mobile Apps available for an efficient parenting.

7. Limit Distractions

Be disciplined with your approach when checking whatsapp texts, emails or other social media platforms.

These can be very inviting and can eat considerable amount of your time which you may regret later. 

Try not to multitask when you are spending time with your children as they love your full attention in whatever they are doing.

At workplace too, try to limit your chat sessions with co-workers if it distracts you from your work schedule so that you don’t end up prolonging your time at workplace.

8. Special Family Activities

One way to squeeze out time from your busy schedules for those precious family bonding moments is to schedule that time on your calendar.

It’s important that at least twice a week you sit or lay down together as a family and share conversations with your kids.

This could also be a storytelling session which your kids would joyously look forward to or board games post dinner.

9. Time With Your Partner

Spending quality time with your partner alone is as important as spending time with your kids as a family.

With the life’s hustle- bustle and preset schedules, your partner is the first one to get neglected.

It’s important to nurture this precious relationship as your partner is also the first person you can bank on in difficult times.

You can schedule a plan to take time out to do things together on a monthly basis to begin with like going for movies or a date night/evening out with adequate arrangements made at home for the kids.

10. Personal Time or Me-Time

Of all the other things, taking out time for yourself is the most essential part of being.

Catering to everyone’s needs in the family, mothers specially, tend to forget themselves and may feel stressed or lost.

So, it is crucial to invest time and center yourself first through practicing yoga or meditation. It’s only when you are happy from inside, you can contribute to the outside world happily.

Other forms of exercising routines like gym or walks in a park can be beneficial as well. At the same time, personal care routine is as rejuvenating for many. 

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