Travelling With Kids? – 7 Ingenious Hacks For A Hassle-Free Travel


As the holiday season approaches, all parents look forward to take a break from the mundane routine and travel someplace far or near.

However, at the same time they are engulfed with the fear of travelling with their little kids.

The mere thought of unavoidably carrying numerous utility items in an organized manner itself can be daunting for many parents.

So, sometimes that long distance travel is deferred to an unsettled future date in lieu of the local alternatives.

Other times parents don’t feel the need to travel at all when their kids are little.

According to experts, travelling is very beneficial for a child’s overall development. It exposes them to different environments which they are not used to, pulls them out of their comfort zone and improves their IQ level.

Travelling improves a child’s social conditioning & intelligence, enhances cognitive functioning by exposing them to varying surroundings and situations.

These behaviors may last a lifetime and may make the kids act more responsibly.

Parents can also help trigger certain leadership behaviors in children by engaging them to assist in packing or unpacking and arranging the things in order.

So basically there is no need to resist that much needed travel urge just because you have little ones to accompany you.

You only need to get that travel check list in place and work around that to make sure any suspected loopholes are taken care of in advance to ensure a pleasurable trip. 

We are sharing some important travel tips for those parents who shy away from traveling with their children.

The list is also for those seasoned travelers as check points in case of a miss.


 Don’t forget to buy ready to eat snacks for the kids to eat during the travel journey.

Kids get cranky if they are not fed in time to curb their hunger pangs intermittently.

So you can pack a mix of savoury snacks like breadsticks, fruits, bagels, nuts & raisins, biscuits, crackers, small juice packs etc and try to avoid feeding sweets to the kids during the journey to avoid any sugar rush.

 Travelling by car is still manageable as you can make the required stops whenever however you definitely want to carry the said food items when travelling by airplane.

Kids may not like the food served in the plane and in case you are travelling with toddlers, carrying their particular food is unavoidable.

2. BABY/ KIDS ESSENTIALS                          

There are certain items you must keep handy and within your easy reach like baby milk, formula food, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, baby lotion, face & hand towels, pacifiers, strollers for you never know when you might need these.

So, if they are kept at a difficult-to-reach place, you might face a chaotic situation.

In case of an airplane travel, keep these items in the carry-on bag so you have access to these whenever you want.


Try planning and booking the hotels prior to getting there.

Infact, if you intend to do a local travel around your vacation destination, you should plan ahead and make all the bookings in advance to avoid any unsuspected delays and hassles.

Even if you are not the kinds who like to book in advance, you would have to make an exception here.

If the kids have to wait in long lines for an entry to a museum or a theme park for instance, under excess heat or cold, they will get tired soon and their excitement will fade away even before you make an entry.


You must carry the basic medicines like paracetamol, antidiarrheal & acidity relief tablets. Basic ingredients in your first aid kit should include antiseptic wipes, band-aid, antibacterial disinfectant like Dettol, an antiseptic cream and a thermometer.

These should be kept handy at all times even during your local travel when travelling with little kids.


To keep the kids busy during long road or air travel, things like building blocks, color books, color pencils, small toys, games, stickers, magnets can come in very handy.

You can use these activities to keep your child engaged and distracted from the constant seating for long hours which the child is not used to.

You can also upload games and cartoon videos on ipad and give it to the child when other activities no longer work of if the child gets bored.


You must pack keeping in mind the climatic conditions you would encounter at the vacation destination. It’s advised not to travel to a hot climatic region as kids may get exhausted & irritated owing to possible walking in heat despite of caps or hats.

If you are heading for a beach holiday, do carry hats, flip-flops, bathing suits, tubes for kids. You can use these in the swimming pools in hotels as well.

However, if you intend to travel to hills & mountains to get a respite from the heat and make your child experience snow or colder climate, make sure to carry appropriate warm clothing like head caps, gloves, boots, warm jackets.

You don’t need to borrow oversized jackets which are available at snow clad regions.

Your kids will enjoy more when they are well equipped with suitable clothing relative to the climate they are heading to.


Even if you have a well-planned travel itinerary by your side, be prepared for fall-outs and run-arounds. With your little ones along, there could be unsuspected delays or maybe a miss altogether.

What if your younger one gets way too cranky or the older one had a tiff with the sibling and is in no mood to go anywhere now.

You may take half a day to settle the grumbling and reschedule the visit to the theme park or let go of the theatre or circus show.

So, don’t lose your cool over such uncertainties but try to enjoy every moment of that journey.

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