10 Super Interesting Ways To Make Your Child Enjoy Exercise!


If you think that exercise is only for obese people and not for the lean, you are mistaken.

If you think exercise is not for kids but only for grown up’s, you are wrong!

Exercise is a doorway to a healthy life. And you would actually be doing your kids a huge favor if you make them indulge in an exercise regime right from infancy.

It helps to build stronger muscles and bones. It adds strength and flexibility in the body for a child to cope up with day-to-day activities.

Experts say that exercising helps to keep cholesterol levels in check, battles depression & anxiety, controls blood sugar levels hence reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer and other serious diseases.

Exercising not only works on a physical level but is also beneficial for a child’s mental health by releasing endorphin from the body and keeping the child happy and calm in adverse situations.

Although it’s very important to feed nutritious food to your child and we have already listed out what foods can provide adequate nutrition to your child.

However, it’s not possible that you feed your child with nutritious food all day and every day. There will be days and occasions that foods like pizza’s, pastas, brownies, cakes, noodles, candies, chocolates etc. will take over.

Also, unless your kid consumes home grown vegetables and fruits or organic one’s from a farmer’s market, be assured that those will have certain level of pesticides.

Every parent wants his child to lead a healthy and quality life. However, we can’t control everything but we must control what’s in our hands ie) Fitness through exercising.

Why not inculcate an awareness to keep fit in your child’s mind since childhood so that even when he grows up, he realizes the importance of fitness to lead a quality life?

There are various forms of exercise that your kid can indulge in.

Many children get uninterested & bored if they are subjected to only one specific exercise regime.

And once they begin to consider exercising as a homework in addition to the one from school, they would find reasons to skip it.

So, here are some options that you can incorporate and make it super interesting and fun for your child:

1. Running

Kids love running. Even in indoors children frolic around the moment they get an opportunity to go into another room or if they are being called upon.

So, why not encourage children to run outdoors every time you go to a park. 

You can also group together more children and suggest them to race. This will be a lot of fun for them plus a good cardio exercise. Running helps a child develop basic athletic skills like endurance, coordination and strength. 

2. Walking

Walking is a good alternative to running as not all kids like to run. Some enjoy and prefer to walk along with their parents.

You can schedule brisk walk along with your child every morning as early as 5 am preferably in green outdoors like parks and gardens where kids can observe a rising sun or chirping birds and morning dew on the grass.

Or you can schedule a walk for 30 minutes in evenings as well if early mornings are not your thing.

3. Using Staircase

Encourage children to take the staircase instead of lift or elevator, of course not if you are living on the 10th floor.

In case your child is learning to count, ask them to count the steps out loud with every step they climb.

 Or they can quickly take a few steps and reach back to you while you wait for them. But, of course under your supervision.

These variations can make stair climbing a fun activity for your kid. 

4. Yoga & Pranayama

Yoga is only for adults is a pure myth. Yoga coupled with Pranayama gives amazing benefits to the body.

It makes the body flexible and provides blood circulation to various parts of the body. Yoga massages the internal organs of the body like liver, pancreas, spleen etc as well which no other form of exercise can do.

 Pranayama or deep breathing exercises have remarkable benefits to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It encourages mindfulness and helps to improve focus and concentration in kids.

There are various Yoga postures that kids can do like downward dog, butterfly pose, bridge pose & child pose.

5. Cycling

Cycling can be turned into a group activity by collaborating with other children to do cycling in a park together on cycling tracks or in a safe area.

Occasionally you can club cycling with another activity like treasure hunting or Easter egg hunting or planting trees and flowers in vicinity.

You can also organize a picnic in a nearby garden.

6. Swimming

Most residential societies have their own clubs which have facility for swimming. This can be either indoors or outdoors.

Swimming outdoors is a lot of fun in summers while for winter season indoor pools can serve the same purpose if provisions are made. 

Else you can always join other clubs in your area offering swimming pool facilities and swim long with your child on a Saturday morning.

7. Dancing

Figure out if your child has an interest in dancing and put him in a dance school for kids where he or she can learn different styles of dancing suitable for kids.

Some children have a natural talent for dance.

 So, this activity can enhance your child’s talent along with it serving the purpose of a physical form of exercise.

A ballet class

8. Aerobics exercises

Aerobics can include exercises like Jumping Jacks, Burpees, skate boarding etc which you can schedule at home for your child.

Jumping jacks can be done for a count of 10 and burpees may be 5 times since it’s more strenuous.

 Like these two, there are more jumping and hopping exercises which your child can do. If your child can’t sleep, you can make him do jumping jacks to tire him out which will put him to bed straightaway.

9. Jumping Rope or Skipping

As it is children love to hop around and if you hand them a skipping rope, it might just add to their pleasure.

Skipping helps to improve balance and coordination in kids. It also makes them agile and quick.

You can get a book of ‘jump-rope rhymes’ to recite every time your child starts skipping to add more fun.

10. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an organized sports activity. It helps children build coordination and a range of motor skills. 

Enrolling in a regular gymnastics workout can help children sleep better and equip them with skills to handle physical and emotional challenges in life.

A gymnastics class provides young children with an opportunity to interact with kids of their own age and collaborate within a team and even engage with adults.