About Us

A lot can go wrong when trying to find the right preschool for your child. Sometimes you skip on the hidden gems, and sometimes you are misled by a testimonial. When your little one’s entire educational future is at stake, you can’t go wrong. And yet, the increasing number of preschools that look alike and seemingly offer almost the same things makes it harder than ever to analyze everything and take the right decision.

Impossible? Not with EduZebra!

We founded EduZebra after experiencing this problem among our close friends and family. There was no shortage of pre-schools, but selecting one was always a pain. Why not build a platform, we thought, that can act as a bridge between parents and preschools? Something that acts like that one wise friend you keep turning to when you’re stuck. Someone who always gives the right advice and saves you from straying.

Yes, EduZebra does all this. From collecting, profiling, and analyzing schools to matching them with your child’s unique needs, EduZebra takes the drudge work out of preschool selection. Now you can compare several preschools in one go and get to the heart of the matter in minutes, not days. Learn about the school’s educational philosophy, teacher background, and much more directly on the platform itself.

For us, it’s a platform we wish we’d had when we started long back. For you, it’s a dream come true!